I did a thing!

SO, I created a website!


I’ve had this website designed and created since 2016. (People have been contacting me through my site’s contact page! SO SORRY!!!!)

I’ve been writing since I could remember: stories, poems, journal entries, you name it. I have a cringe-worthy Blogspot somewhere around here from 2008 (search at your own risk). It comes very naturally to me, and it’s only right to consider making it into a part of my career path. But self-doubt spooked me into a corner and told me to never come. Because of how saturated the blogging game is, I didn’t think my input would be enough to garner some type of attention. Seeing my peers gaining traction left and right, feeling like I’m left in the rafters to be carried away by the next strong wind, it’s difficult being motivated to weather the storm and keep pushing.

But to HELL with comparison, self-ridicule, humilation, etc. I’ve let fear run my life for way too long, and I’m ready to take the first step in the right direction. So this is my creation. A place where I put my thoughts, emotions, and feelings into one area. Where I give more in depth descriptions about all things Simone: fashion, beauty, politics, lifestyle, travel, self-love, dating, etc.

I’m passionate about making a change in the world, helping people, and speaking the truth. So, that’s what SimoneMariposa.com is all about. I hope you all enjoy!

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