Captain Flower Power


This has never been my holiday. First of all,  I’m extremely scary and I got a sensitive spirit, so the abundance of ridiculously frightening commercials and friends pushing me to go to various themed parks where things jump out at you without warning don’t exactly appeal to me. But secondly, there’s slim pickings for costumes! I always resort to throwing together some bullsh*t from my closet that resembles a sexy rendition of a random character.

I had already been feeling down because I tore my ACL in September, and I hadn’t been feeling the most confident. My depressive mood sucked all of the creative juices out of me, so my original idea failed. But in the eleventh hour, I came up with this masterpiece!


Cape (actually a duster), Shirt, and Shorts from Fashion Nova

She is the superhero you never thought you need until NOW. From the secluded lands of the Orchid Isles, daughter of a powerful sea king and a noble earth goddess, she was destined to lead the Orchidians into lives of prosperity, positivity and self-esteem. They’d never seen a savior her size that moved with such stealth and elegance, and with adoration and wonderment, the citizens deemed her Head Ambassador of Kindness. The evil sky monsters, the Neveans, would continuously wreak havoc on the peaceful isles. Captain FP uses her weapons: her rays of sunshine, her petals of peace, and her strength of super confidence to overthrow their reigns of terror and inspire the Neveans along the way. Harmony is restored, and Flower now flies to nations far and wide to spread the multitude of love given to her at birth.

Boots from Smash Shoes, Fishnets from Torrid

Captain Flower Power came completely out of left field, but I’m proud to have created her. She represents courage, colorfulness, fearlessness, and power. She’ll make more appearances soon, so keep your eyes open, and don’t forget to scan the skys! She might fly over you one day on her way to her latest mission.

Processed with VSCO with l4 preset
Wig: “Jumbo Afro Wig” from It’s A Wig


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