Sexual Healing w/ Vush Stimulation

Ladies it’s time for us to get ours, too! We’re reclaiming our rights to pleasure in 2019, and I’ve got the perfect recommendation for you! I got the wonderful opportunity to work with Vush Stimulation, a sex toy company working to help women openly and proudly embrace their sexuality by breaking the stigma and revolutionizing the sex toy industry.

We see sex everywhere in our society, yet the mechanics of it are rarely discussed. Judging by the visual, it’s almost always centered around men. In heterosexual porn, which is how majority of people learn about sex, female performers give blowjobs for minutes and minutes, but the same is rarely reciprocated. Even in women’s personal lives, many of us are left physically unsatisfied because, truth be told, we don’t discuss the pleasure centers of the female body enough.

We’re slowly but surely entering an era of female sexual liberation. Though still taboo, women are speaking up and out about what arouses them. Much of the reason women don’t orgasm enough is because we’ve stayed silent. Unfortunately, those who are forthcoming and openly discuss sex are negatively stereotyped as raunchy and promiscuous with no self control, which is highly discouraged and deemed undesirable to men. But men who proudly discuss sex usually represent ultimate masculinity and erotic expertise in our society. And that notion is based in patriarchy. Women who understand their bodies and prioritize their own pleasure threaten men, who’ve been socialized to be the focal point of all sexual interactions. Instead of emphasizing the mutually satisfying experience sex is meant to be, many men would rather deny a woman’s right to pleasure for the sake of stroking their own egos and remaining in an assumed “authoritative position.” It’s a shame that these experiences have become normalized, but I believe in the sexual power of self-exploration.

Masturbation is an important part of a healthy sex life. Good sex is about being in a place of control and being honest about what makes you feel good. One of the best ways to find out what you like is to try it for yourself. Not only does it give more knowledge of what makes your body tick, but it also increases your confidence.  There’s power in taking ownership of your sexuality and not being afraid to speak of for yourself and your desires. Bringing that energy into the bedroom can lead to mind-blowing orgasms and self-assuring knowing that you put yourself first. The most common way women reach their “blissful climax” is through clitoral simulation, and that’s what a lot of sex is missing. It’s literally an outer extension of your G-spot, so the sensation is guaranteed to lead to a powerful Big-O.

As your self-love guru, I feel responsible with providing you with tools to help you live the best life full of self-care and personal contentment. Now, truthfully, I don’t speak a lot about my sex life on the internet. That is due to the pervs who feel that the discussion is an invitation to express their lust towards me, which seriously grosses me out and turns me off. But in my personal life, I’m very pro-sex, and I make it a point to encourage women to love on themselves, including in more intimate ways. So, let me let you in on something amazing. I present to you: The Empress by Vush Stimulation.


If you’ve been looking for a toy to intensify your pleasure, this is IT. I tried it out for myself so I could give you all a truthful & unbiased review. And I must say: 10 out of 10, HIGHLY RECOMMEND. It almost perfectly replicates the best head ever. The Empress by Vush is the perfect toy for the woman who’s lost hope in achieving an orgasm, the woman who needs extra kick to get going, the woman who wants to spice things up with her partner. It uses advanced vacuum suction to gently suck on your clitoris without even touching it, meaning a mind-blowing release will ensue. It has 8 levels of intensity, it’s waterproof, its quiet and discreet, and it’s USB chargeable. Trust me on this one, guys, you’ve GOTTA try it out. The standard price is $154 USD, but you can use my promo code SIM50 to get 50% off! They offer FREE global shipping, a 6 month warranty, and a 20 day money back guarantee. That sounds like a deal of a lifetime. So, head to Vush‘s website right now to get the gold yourself! Tell them Simone sent ya!

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